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Nature motifs are extremely diverse, exciting and varied. Grasses and reeds can be quite geometric, while flowers and leaves twist in beautiful organic, curving shapes. Their colouring is not natural, and we do not need to strive for it, as their decorative function is to match the other furniture, floors, etc. in the home

Give space to peace and quiet!


Geometric shapes on a picturesque background, a mixture of regularity and irregularity. An exciting visual element that can enrich any home. The geometric shapes have a more masculine character, while the picturesque background is the manifestation of the feminine character, so you can make a compromise between the two.

Give space to patterns!


Leaving behind all concrete formal aspirations, the freedom and vigor of the abstract is inimitable. The spots and patch systems that appear here are made entirely for the given space. No two rooms are alike, no two wall designs are the same. The density, magnitude, colour of the spots, concrete or blurred edges of their borders will be the main elements of the final composition. And the overall effect is eye-catchingly diverse.

Give space to freedom!

Before - After

Here are a few examples of how we can make a difference in the atmosphere of a given space. It is worth choosing a wall for the painting that stands freely or semi-free due to the furnishings. This way the color or shape will be able to prevail on a large surface. Here are a few examples of how we can change the atmosphere of a room. It is worth choosing a wall for the painting that is free or semi-free because of the furniture. This will allow the colour or shape to be seen over a large area.

Give space to transformation!


I have collected a mix of wall patterns in this gallery. Sometimes it's better to look at a mural without a specific room, because it can take you in different directions. Why am I saying this? For example, if you like the atmosphere, decor and furniture of the living room in which you see a mural, you may choose one that will not necessarily have the same effect in your home. So I advise you to look at the designs you like in the previous galleries separately.

Give space to freedom!

Exclusive pattern

These murals depicting town squares are completely unique. They have a fantastic effect on the atmosphere of the space. They have been created for club rooms, living rooms, corridors, restaurants and offices. I also recommend them for a wall that needs to be lively and vibrant. For a place where you want to create an extreme increase in space, because these pictures completely remove the confinement of the wall.

Give it space and give it a boost!


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