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How do I work?

Here you can learn about the process of creating a mural, from the first steps of planning to the finished wall. When designing and creating a unique mural, I pay attention to every detail so that your ideas come true and you can enrich your home or business with a unique atmosphere.

First Step

Consultation and sharing ideas

If you have a specific idea, we can even get started! Give me a call and let's make an appointment!
If you don't have a concrete idea, you just know you want to make a change but don't know how, then planning and thinking together is the first step.

What I need in both cases:

- Wall size
- When it should be ready
- Photo of the wall to be painted and the room
- Your contact details
- If you have an idea, I would also like a description and photo of it.

Inspiration and nurturing of creativity

The inspiration does not have to be a photo of a finished wall.

I myself draw from many places in my work. For example, landscapes, material samples, tree bark, the work of visual artists, the colour of roof tiles. What appeals to me? This also requires a certain amount of research. So if there are things that you like, that affect you, that you love, feel free to share them with me!

Sample boards and concept development

You can choose from my pre-designed sample boards, which we can use as they are, or we can modify them slightly and adjust the colours. I can also make a sample board if you have a unique idea. In general, the basic concept is quickly formed and we can work with it quickly and efficiently.

Implementation and cleanliness

At the end of this process, the implementation can begin. We agree a date and depending on the size of the wall and the choice of patterns, 5-10 square metres can usually be completed in 1-2 days.

It depends on the location of the wall and the choice of design. There are wall designs that I apply in four overlapping layers, so of course the drying times also affect the completion time.

I pay particular attention to cleanliness and to working quickly and accurately.


My prices:

- Consultation and evaluation are free of charge
- free delivery within a radius of 25 km from Solymár
- PAINTING: I charge between HUF 15-20,000 per square metre, depending on the pattern, colour and quality of the paint.
- DESIGN: The design fees also vary. It depends on the quantity and quality of the visuals and sample boards.

Opt for the unique wall design experience and design your home, business or office in a creative and unique way! Check out more details and contact me for your own unique wall decoration!


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Order, contact

Your contact details
Dimensions of the wall to be painted


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