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Children's World

Give space to imagination!

Murals enrich a child's environment and encourage the free flow of imagination. Natural motifs form the basis of the theme. These motifs lead us into the realm of imagination and are complemented by fairytale, imaginative elements. Nature is the link and the key in this area. It can be the sky, the forest, the meadow, the lake, the sea, space, the jungle...

Children do not yet have a completely separate inner and outer world. The stories we adults tell them are a kind of "children's language" that they feel is their own. That is why these stories are full of fantastic creatures, animals and magical events. The clear separation of good and evil is also important to them as they learn to map the world. The definition of the „I” is being formed. They need to know exactly what is good and what is bad for them.

The positive fairy tale heroes and figures that appear in the basic motifs of nature provide support for our children. For example, in the first period, the separate room may seem a little frightening, a little lonely, somehow separated from the rest of the house. The mural can also help at this stage. Let's make their room special. More colourful and magical than the adults' room. Let her/his room show that she/he is a wonderful little child, full of dreams and imagination.

When I paint a child's room, the little owner of the future room is always present at the meeting.

Depending on their age, they are creatively involved in choosing the patterns and I love the many ideas and plans they share with me.

Here you will find all the pictures that can give you an idea of how to decorate the walls of your child's room. The selection is mixed, I recommend them for both, girls and boys.

It is worth looking at a few examples to see how much a mural can change the mood. In the case of a child’s room, the furniture is not enough to create the magic. We need something more here!
Here are some of my characters to give you an idea of the design. These fairytale characters go well with all the basic natural motifs. Of course, a favourite pet or cuddly toy has also been painted. This is always adapted to the needs of the customers (the children).

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