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Thank you for being here.

My name is Beáta Máté, the founder of Formate Design.

I first encountered the excitement and challenges of mural art in 2013, when I was asked to create my first large-scale design walls for the relaunch of the Sote Club. The aim was to paint the walls of a ruin pub in a diverse and creative way.

My second encounter with mural design was in the lobby of the office building on Etele Street, followed by the Lumiere nightclub.

This was the largest continuous wall surface I have painted so far: 500 square metres, 6 rooms - all the walls and the ceiling were painted.

After that, there was no question that I had fallen in love with the genre. It has been a part of my life ever since and I have had to face more and more challenges.
In addition to this came the painting of children's rooms. The first time I had to paint a child’s room designed by a friend of mine who is a graphic designer, I felt the urge to create my own world and characters.


It is always exciting to work on the visual transformation and redesign of a space. Coming from the world of art, this is a dynamic, immersive genre. My knowledge of colour theory and compositional exercises is a good foundation for my work as a muralist. The only plus is that the brush and canvas I work with are bigger.

I completed my studies as an assistant in the sculpture and painting workshop of my master and now friend, Ágnes Németh. This is the classic way of learning, which would be difficult to implement in school conditions. Here all the theory comes from practice. I was able to take part in creative processes and at the same time acquire all the knowledge that still forms the basis of my work today.

Interior decoration and design knocked on my door at a young age. Together with my friend Vera Szekeres, an interior designer, I was involved in the furnishing and decoration of furniture stores in Germany and the Czech Republic during the pre-opening phase.

From her I learnt the basic principles with which I can now easily see and grasp the dynamics of an interior. Vera is still my partner in my professional life, she helps and supports me in everything. She creates the processes as a manager and as a co-creator.

Well, these pieces of the puzzle make me who I am as a person and as a designer. What I like most is that there is not just one right way. Harmonies meet and communicate, come to life and form a whole.


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