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Welcome to my website!

I hope you will find my work and website exciting and inspiring. Every form of wall design is unique and has many possibilities. I believe that it is not just a decoration, but an opportunity to unfold the dynamics of any interior. The painted walls I create are not just combinations of colours and shapes, but creations that complete the given space.

Give space to mood!

Colours and shapes break the simple geometric system of the room and bring it to life. The wall decoration or design will be the focus and soul of the room, it will give you the atmosphere you want!

What makes you feel at home? For most of us, cosiness and tranquillity mean the atmosphere of a real home - but of course it's not that simple - because despite the fact that we all have this in common, cosiness and tranquillity mean different things to different people. How and in what ways can wall design help if you don't feel your home is comfortable or unique enough?

In my experience, wall design solutions are needed in many situations. I would like to highlight two examples

Spacious, light rooms are trendy these days, even if they don't always make you feel at home. If you choose wall painting, you don't have to fill your home with objects, plants, books and furniture that have no real function or value to you. The space can remain open and airy, modern yet intimate.

An asymmetrical layout is also a situation that requires a special solution

Is the entrance hall narrow and one wall is completely free to move around? An asymmetrical layout is often the solution to tight spaces. Adding a visual element to an empty wall instantly restores balance and creates a unique atmosphere.

Give space to uniqueness and atmosphere in your home!


Give space to colours!

The wall is a decisive dominant surface everywhere, whether it is a restaurant, hotel, office or even a bakery, the customers and guests who enter immediately react to the interior atmosphere of the space, so this also affects the purchase and negotiation. Make the most of this opportunity!

I am fascinated by the psychological effect of colour!

I am very interested in the effect of colour on space. My favourites are warm, rich colours that immediately awakens trust. After all, in a shared space, where the atmosphere does not have to suit the taste of just one person - or one family - there have to be common points of reference.

With the right combination of colours, you can achieve many different effects.

Do you want your room to be elegant and impressive?
Or do you prefer a friendly and welcoming atmosphere?
Perhaps you want an atmosphere that is calming and inviting?
Or are you drawn to a cold and geometric design?
Or do you imagine a discreet and calm atmosphere in the room?
In this case, the direction is determined by the objective.
The aim and direction of the wall design depends on where you are headed and what the function of the room is.
Wherever possible, use colour to make an impact.
Use colour to create the mood and experience you want!

Are you ready?


Give space to imagination!

Imagination is a part of us from childhood to old age. It would be difficult to imagine our lives without it, so it is important to pay special attention to it. In adulthood, imagination is like a breeding ground - if it's not there, nothing can grow on it. That is why it is so important to give imagination the space and support it needs from an early age. That is why the children's rooms I design are so important to me. These rooms are not only spaces for children's imagination, but also generators of creativity and individual development.

Murals enrich a child's environment and support the free flow of imagination.

My walls do not follow standard templates, natural motifs form the basis of the theme. These motifs lead us into the realm of the imagination and are complemented by fairy tale, imaginative elements. Nature is the link and the key in this area.

It can be the sky, the forest, the meadow, the lake, the sea, the space or the jungle...

Just give SPACE, let your imagination run wild!



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